31 days of thoughts. Day 1.

I have noticed something major since leaving Fundamentalism. What are your thoughts about the following?

I have been around a huge variety of Christian people since leaving our former church. It is funny what you notice when you finally have comparison. I have noticed that my new brothers and sisters in Christ are so approachable and so down to earth. It is almost a bit confusing to experience.

For instance, some of my former female best friends would only discuss a certain number of topics to me. I guess I got used to it. I do remember being really frustrated at times that our conversations were mainly limited to children, husbands, and church activities. We weren’t allowed to start any groups or even Bible studies for various reasons, and people were subtly discouraged to NOT get to know one another. I never recognized that fact for what it was. Someone I was very close to would quickly backtrack if she ever said anything that was even slightly negative. It was really rare that she would admit that she was overworked, discouraged or in need in any way. I really wanted to be her friend. I tried so hard for well over 10 years. She would just never let me in past a certain point. I wanted her to know me, but I could tell she couldn’t handle very much in the way of frank conversation. My husband says he now realizes how shallow our former relationships were. Many of our former church members are shunning us. They will not respond much or at all to any phone calls or messages.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to be around new friends that are so comfortable to be around. People that come in and take their shoes off and get comfortable. They are not uptight and snobbish and perfectionist. I no longer feel that undertone of judgment when I am around “church people”. These people are different. I feel as if Jesus Christ is right there in the room bonding us together and bonding us closer to Him. I love our new Bible Study group. A member shared some struggles. Everyone was quick to encourage him and we all immediately prayed for him. It’s a beautiful thing.


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