31 Days of Thoughts. Day 5.

It’s been a long time since I wore pants outside of my home or my car. I was never hard-core Fundamentalist to be a strict dresses only kind of gal, but I did not wear dresses in public for many years. I will be honest in saying that I did not want the hate from church members that comes when a woman in my circle chooses to wear pants. I knew some of my relatives and friends would be really shocked and disappointed and this would change our relationship. I did not want myself or my children to be ostracized at church or at school because of my choice. Church and school were basically our whole world at one point.

I don’t personally believe that the Bible supports a “dresses only” standard although I am not against it necessarily, as a personal conviction. I believe in modesty for both males and females. I believe in dressing appropriately, I do believe that the Bible does have some things to say regarding how a Christian presents themselves. I do NOT believe that the Bible is crystal clear on the idea that a there is a specific standard of dress that women should follow. I think we can all agree that Christians throughout time and place have had a huge variety of ideas on what is modest dress for a woman. I do not think that any denomination has THE answer to this solution. I refuse to critique others on the way they are dressed.

Today I wore pants to a number of public places.

Guess what? I was completely appropriate, well behaved, friendly, and maintained my Christian testimony at each of those places. I forgot even that I was wearing pants. I know in my heart that my actions towards others were something that I am not ashamed of in front of my Heavenly Father. Our greatest commandment is to love God and likewise, to love one another. I can do that in pants!

I chose to surround myself with people that know me and love me for who I am and not what I am wearing.

And today was another reminder of why I really don’t like being around the Fundamentalist crowd. Many people, that I am no longer in contact with, would chose to judge and critique and gossip over the fact that I chose to give myself the freedom to wear what I feel is appropriate. I would like to add that many of those people chose now to not associate with me, it is not me that has chosen to shun them. I can love someone that has different convictions than I do. I am weary with the thought that they cannot do that in return.

Is it really that big of a deal? It’s a piece of clothing for goodness sake. The Bible tells us that we are one body in Christ. Why do people chose to cause division over a piece of clothing? This is something I will never understand.


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Thoughts. Day 5.

  1. The law in Deuteronomy 22:5 speaks of, “women not wearing that which pertains to a man.” – One interpretation is that the Scriptures are speaking of battle armor (Strongs H3627), not pants. Males are the ones to fight militarily, not females.
    Someone I know shared with me that if the pants are designed for the female body (her waist, her hips, etc.), she would be fulfilling the command in Deuteronomy.
    I believe Yahweh is concerned about the outward as well as inward (Matthew 23:26) but I don’t think wearing pants conflicts. Where it might be an issue, is if the pants were tight.
    Sorry you’re having to deal with being ostracized for it. Shalom, Catherine

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