31 Days of Thoughts. Day 6.

Yesterday I saw someone from my former church. I have not been in touch with her at all since we left months ago. However, I personally was pleased that at least she wasn’t outwardly attacking or aggressively shunning us, as others have done. She has just been neutral on the whole matter. She has not reached out in friendship, but she also has not lashed out in anger either.

On one hand, I am happy that at least she has not shown herself to be a bully.

On the other hand, is the absence of aggression enough to label your actions as Christian?

This person is in leadership at our former church. They know many of the reasons why people are leaving. It has not just been our family. It has been a mass exodus in recent years. The church membership is probably a fourth of what it was at its peak. I know the reasons why we stayed are some of the same reasons why they stay now. However, I am disappointed that this particular family is in leadership and to my knowledge, has not spoken up about any of the issues. They have raised concerns with friends but have not raised concerns to the pastor and staff. I was really discouraged to see that almost all of the staff are too afraid of the pastor to speak up. They are too afraid to “rock the boat” and that fear is stronger than the desire to have a church with a good Biblical foundation.

When we left, I was worried to see any of these people in public. I just didn’t have the mental strength at the time to deal with the drama that comes with this situation. Now I have moved past that. I just feel sorry for the people there. I know that they are struggling and that they are victims of the same system that I was previously a part of. I just continue to pray that they allow God to speak to them and use them and guide them. I hope they see me in public now. I hope they see that there is life outside of that bubble. I am still here. I am still the same person. I am ready to love and forgive and move forward. I hope they are too.


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