31 Days of Thoughts. Day 15.

What is spiritual abuse? 

The following is a link that explains it perfectly. I encourage you to read the link and follow this blog! http://religionscell.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/religious-abuse-what-exactly-is-it/

What does shunning look like in the modern, American sense of the practice? 

I left a Fundamentalist church in the past year and here is my experience. 

1. People unfriend or even worse, block you on Facebook. If they remain Facebook friends with you, they no longer comment on any of your updates or photos, do not respond to messages and show no activity towards you anymore. The same is true on other social media sites or email. 

2. People do not respond to text. They don’t answer voicemails and no longer call you for any reason. If you happen to get a return text, it is only the very basics of a response. If they happen to answer the phone, they keep any conversation extremely short, and the tension will be more than apparent. 

3. People do not come to your house anymore. They might have stopped by at random, but not anymore. They do not respond to invitations to come over. They do not invite you over. If you go to their door, they will not let you in the house. 

4. If people see you in public, they will do one of three things: ignore you, speak to you but keep it painfully short and awkward, or speak to you but dig for information on what you are up to and possibly throw in a few snarky, judgmental comments for good measure. 

5. If anyone remains on good terms with you, one of two things will happen: that person will be influenced to cut ties with you and worse, be told lies about you or you will be called by church leadership and told to cut ties with them. You will be accused of trying to take members from the church or split the church. Even a simple thing like a phone conversation or shopping date will be suspect. 

This is what shunning looks like today. 


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