31 Days of Thoughts. Day 20.

I am a cry baby. 

I have tried for many years to insist that I am not. I am now in my 30s and deciding to embrace this part of my personality. It is only getting worse the older I get, so there is no point in trying to hide this any longer. I am especially prone to getting teary eyed during a great worship service or sermon at church. Tears sneak out during moments when my husband is especially kind, or my children choose to initiate tenderness toward others of their own accord. Nothing makes me bawl like seeing kindness in action. I get choked up when someone reaches out to me emotionally. Either they are supporting me in a struggle, or they have decided to trust me enough to share a heartache with me and I can support them. Connecting with people is an exciting thing! 

It’s okay to cry and show emotions! Do not listen to Fundamentalism when they tell you that emotions should not be a part of a church service. Do not become cold-hearted toward others. Be tender, be compassionate, err on the side of love! 

What does the Bible tell us about emotions? 

2 Samuel shares that Tamar cried when she was raped. We know she suffered shame and guilt over what had happened to her, and I would hope that all my readers would agree that the actions of her relative was not her fault. It is okay AND healthy to cry and grieve when you have been abused. It’s a natural part of a mourning process. It is okay if you are still crying many years later as well. 

Psalm 69:3 says I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God. Have you ever cried so hard that you were exhausted and could not cry any more? Those times in life are overwhelming, but it is something everyone goes through. Cry if you need to cry. Cry while you wait on the Lord. He does not expect us to be emotionless robots. Don’t expect that of each other. 
Matthew 3 tells us that John the Baptist was as one “crying in the wilderness”. He was earnest and passionate about preparing for Jesus. Let’s be passionate about reaching others with the message of Christ. Let’s not be afraid to show that we are passionate and have our hearts yearning for others to know Him. 
Matthew 9 tells us of the blind men crying for mercy from Jesus. They believed He could do a miracle! If we can’t get emotional about the works of Jesus, what is wrong with us? 
Matthew 21 tells us of children crying Hosana to Jesus. Several translations speak of boys, girls, maidens, or youths. These are young people excited and eager for Jesus! Let’s encourage our kids to be excited about the things of God. My oldest child especially loves to sing out in church, clap her hands, and she’s not afraid to praise God. She doesn’t care who is watching, or what others might think. It’s a wonderful trait that too many adults, myself included, lose at some point. 
There are many more verses in the Bible that discuss crying and emotions.
I am getting teary eyed just reading these verses. I am happy that that is still a part of who I am. I am not ashamed to be an emotional person. I hope you aren’t either! If someone is going to call me a crybaby, I am going to take that as a compliment. 

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