Don’t forget, everyone looks better online

Hello fellow parents, I know you are currently seeing all your parent friends post Halloween pictures on Facebook. Of course there are the adorable family themed costumes. Oh look, the Johnsons did a breakfast theme and little Bethany is dressed up as a fried egg! And the Lees did a Mario Brothers theme and Jeff dressed up as Luigi. Look honey, he is even smiling and why can’t you be like Jeff? 

So your kids just pulled a pillowcase over their head before knocking on the door. So they were eyeless ghosts. So what? You took them out trick or treating. You made memories too! Jacked up memories that involved Jr. falling off every porch in the neighborhood but memories none the less. 

Do not be pulled into the temptation of Facebook in thinking that every other family out there had a picture perfect Halloween. Meanwhile, your 2 year old is STILL wearing her costume four days later and the baby got diarrhea after getting into the chocolate. 

Everyone looks good online….better than good. Every family is smiling, having fun, peaceful and carefree in their Facebook pictures. It’s just a picture. It’s not real life. 

You know what that Kathy Miller is saying about you right now? “Shoot, I should have done like that darn neighbor of mine. She one upped me and had home made costumes for her kids! Why does she have to be such a super mom and make the rest of us look bad?”   watch this for a good reminder when you have Facebook/online envy 


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