Hey I actually met a few resolutions from last year! Go me!

I have been thinking about resolutions and in all the fuss to get this year off to a great start, sometimes we forget to review the last year. I have been a bit frustrated by some recent personal issues. I have a bad habit of getting down about too many things, and this post is my effort to give myself a virtual high five and see how far I have come.

Last year at this time, I was still in a very strict Fundamentalist church. Oppressed, discouraged and unhappy. Here I am 12 months down the road and happily attending a church that is well rounded, balanced, loving and encouraging. Sure we have lost some “friends” along the way and received a lot of judgment over  our decision, but we did it. We finally stopped complaining, stopped making excuses and stopped waiting for the church system to get it together.

This past year, even amidst all my personal struggles, I made some great changes! I can raise my girls in a home that focuses on equality and freedom and opportunity, something they never would have been given at our old church (and school). I can raise my son to be something other than a passive follower or a prideful leader. I can pursue my dreams of further education and working outside the home without constant preaching on what I should and should not be doing. My husband can finally let go of that guilt for becoming something other than a preacher. I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been to see him looked down upon for (gasp) being an honest, hardworking, lay person. It wasn’t right for the church to make him feel bad for not completing a pastoral degree at an unaccredited college, insert eye roll here.

We made a BIG change in 2013 and I am going to take a moment to glory in that victory and thank God that he kept telling me “this isn’t right” over and over again. Sure it took 10 years but I finally listened. Now He and I can move on to some new lessons!

I would encourage you to look back at this past year and focus on the positives and become excited for the future. Anything can happen! Make those big changes that you have been waiting years to make. You can do it!


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