David McMillian’s Story

Have you read this? You should! David is so brave to voice what the IFB churches teach men about women. He is 100% right in what men are taught and what this teaching does to families. Thank you David for sharing your story and I will join you in praying that as many people as possible get out of the IFB and run fast and far away!


My name is David McMillian and I would like to share my Experience in the Independent Fundamental Baptist cult.

The Abused becomes the Abuser:

My story begins with my horrific childhood. My childhood was the epitome of dysfunction and chaos. My mom was married four times and I was subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of my step-dads and others. I was molested three times and quit school at the ages of 8, 10 and 13 because everyone picked on me. Needless to say, I had no clue what a normal loving family was like. I wound up being shipped off to three different children’s homes, the last being a Christian home up in Virginia. That was my first introduction into the world of the Independent Fundamental Baptist cult.

The home made us go to a strict Independent Fundamental Baptist church and, at the home, we were not allowed…

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